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Axiomatics Announces Compliance and Reporting Functionality

Axiomatics Review Manager helps Enforce, Audit, and Review Individual Data Access Rights

CHICAGO and STOCKHOLM, April 19, 2016. Axiomatics, the leader in fine-grained externalized authorization, today announced advanced audit reporting for our flagship externalized authorization solutions.  The new reporting tool, called the Axiomatics Review Manager, helps complete the lifecycle of policy-based access control – ensuring that the balance between securely sharing data and protecting sensitive data is met.

The Axiomatics Review Manager solves reporting challenges across roles, but especially for CISOs, security architects and business managers who need visibility and transparency of access controls for critical data through the validation of a policy-based approach.

Within an Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) implementation, the tool allows enterprises to complete critical reporting tasks. Enterprises need to be able to prove regulatory compliance using real-time review reports, which often means; auditing user or group permissions by reviewing the conditions under which they can access data or reviewing individual access. The Axiomatics Review Manager provides this type of granular reporting capabilities.

“Compliance, auditing and reporting of access control is of paramount importance to enterprises managing the complex access control landscape,” said Babak Sadighi, CEO at Axiomatics. “The ability to facilitate real-time reporting is a huge step forward in control and visibility around the performance of security policies.”

Enterprises in the Fortune 500 and government agencies are moving to fine-grained externalized authorization, and ABAC solutions from Axiomatics to help manage privacy and the protection of business-critical assets and Intellectual Property. Customers served by Axiomatics in vertical markets such as financial services, health care, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, media and the federal government. With the Axiomatics Review Manager, the management of Attribute Based Access Control just got even better, as Axiomatics extends control, visibility and compliance reporting throughout the lifecycle.

“Axiomatics, is the leader in adoption of ABAC solutions for applications, databases and APIs to help our customers address evolving and complex access requirements. With the introduction of Review Manager as the reporting tool for these industry-leading solutions, we ensure they are getting a standardized, best-in-class, proven solution that addresses the entire ABAC lifecycle,” says Gerry Gebel, president of Axiomatics.

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