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Welcoming SailPoint to our partner community to offer an integrated, ABAC-based approach to Zero Trust

To be successful and drive a modern approach to access control, an attribute-based access control (ABAC) solution pulls signals from a variety of sources, providing organizations with a type of security by design approach.

With this in mind, the Axiomatics team is pleased to share our integration with SailPoint, combining the benefits of an AI-driven identity management solution with the granularity of ABAC.

Together, Axiomatics and SailPoint provide organizations with an approach that is transparent, scalable across even the largest enterprises, and empowers the implementation of a successful Zero Trust strategy.

Enterprises will realize a number of benefits through this integration, including:

  • Enabling an adaptive approach to access control that meets the needs of modern organizations;
  • the ability to ensure security policies are consistently enforced across the enterprise; and
  • the opportunity for development teams to infuse security into their application development process.

All of these enable security to become more nimble and scaling to not only meet, but stay ahead of business requirements.

We are excited for what this integration and partnership mean to the future of modern access control, particularly as it will drive success for Zero Trust implementations by bringing complete context to access control decisions.

Download our solution brief to learn more, or contact us to speak with one of our experts.

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