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What you need to know: IDF Connect + Axiomatics Partnership

Our partner, IDF Connect, recently announced an exciting new product release for SSO/Rest™ 3.1, the first stand-alone, Zero Trust Access Management solution designed explicitly for the modern, cloud-centric era.

This new release integrates the Axiomatics Policy Server, the fastest, most comprehensive ABAC policy engine on the market, to ensure every single request is checked against a centralized policy engine before authorizing any access to a company’s resources. We’re excited to be part of a leading Web Access Management solution that is focused on the priority of cloud deployments and migrations.

Why is this new release so exciting? Enterprises recognize the need to migrate to the cloud to remain competitive in today’s quickly-changing marketplace. And as they plot their cloud migrations, quickly realize the limitations of their existing Single Sign On (SSO) and Web Access Management (WAM) infrastructures.   

The new release from IDF Connect, SSO/Rest 3.1, gives enterprises new options and flexibility when planning for securing web application content. In the first option, SSO/Rest allows companies to keep their existing WAM and extend it to the applications that have moved to the cloud. The benefits of this are many – maintaining the investment that has been made in their WAM infrastructure, ensuring a seamless user experience (no disruption in business operations), avoid the cost of rebuilding, and –  critically – ensures the security of cloud-based apps.

The integration of SSO/Rest with Axiomatics Policy Server provides a second option, and one with exciting new possibilities. Enterprises can utilize Axiomatics’ industry leading and cloud-native capabilities in combination with SSO/Rest to support new cloud-based web resources or to support the cloud migration that so many organizations are undertaking today. SSO/Rest plus Axiomatics Policy Server  ultimately allows enterprises to easily and seamlessly migrate web workloads to the cloud, cut the cord entirely from legacy WAM systems – and do so at their own pace. The result is a unified WAM infrastructure with a flexible deployment model under a single umbrella; and the flexibility to migrate apps one at a time – on the appropriate timeline to the business.

Stay tuned for more detail on the technical aspects of this integration –  and the benefits for businesses like yours.

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