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Gartner’s IAM Summit: A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Transformation

Axiomatics is heading to Gartner’s annual Identity and Access Management (IAM) Summit on November 29 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. By the time the event concludes on December 1st, the 1600-plus attendees will have a better understanding of the most pressing security issues facing digital leaders today. We know governance, processes and controls, and the cloud will be top of mind for most attendees, however, a number of new topics are beginning to emerge organically in the security space. The most prevalent and impactful of these is Digital Transformation.

If you’re new to the concept of IAM, or just want to be able to hold your own at cocktail hours, we’ve written an overview of the Foundations of IAM.

The Foundations of Identity and Access Management

Embracing Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is quickly becoming a mainstream trend. Searching for a definition of digital transformation will leave you cross-eyed reading some of the definitions.

At its root, digital transformation is an umbrella term for the many ways companies use new sources of digital data to improve. This improvement can be realized in how visitors use their website, how customers use their applications, or what products customers are purchasing. But the companies that are seeing the most benefits from digital transformation use it to improve customer experiences.

Using Data to Improve Customer Experience

Cruise lines provide a great example of how you can use big data to improve your customer experience, by land and by sea.

For instance, imagine a cruise line using technology to learn about the various excursions a customer signs up for before they board. This empowers the cruise line staff to provide a more customized and seamless experience during their trip and recommend activities that they will most likely enjoy.

Using Digital Transformation to Increase Life Expectancy

For medical and pharma companies, digital transformation is not limited to improving customer experience, but it can impact both outcomes and life expectancy.

During drug trials, researchers are often forced to work with data housed on multiple, disjointed systems. This data includes crucial notes and observations from doctors, chemists and nurses – any errors caused by bad data can delay the public release of a life-saving drug by months or years.

By bringing all this data together into a single view, team leads can make better decisions that result in a more effective drug available to patients in need sooner.

Understanding Attribute Based Access Control

It’s easy but misguided to compare ABAC to previous models designed to manage user data based on roles and groups. These models have been around for decades and reflect how professionals approach the problem of information security.

ABAC takes these existing models and greatly expands the applications – it’s the security equivalent of going from black and white to technicolor.

The ABAC model allows for flexible and incredibly granular controls. In the previous model, an individual could access a certain set of records if he was labeled a doctor. With ABAC, you can limit access to whether a user is a pediatrician with a particular disease speciality, and currently board certified.  You can even limit access to certain locations, hours, or device type. The list of scenarios is only dependent on the limit of your needs and imagination once ABAC is fully implemented.

Improved Agility and Responsiveness for DevOps

It might be surprising (or obvious) to learn that your DevOps team stands to benefit the most from digital transformation. By having insight into improvement opportunities for software deployment and seamlessly integrating teams from all over the world, your DevOps team will be able to release improvements to your customers with improved speed and quality.

Dev teams who embrace digital transformation will begin to operate within software release schedules of days or even hours instead of months. This kind of deployment schedule will allow product and dev teams to constantly improve the end user experience, incorporating customer needs in real time instead of months down the line.

The Top 3 Talks to Attend

  • Jeff Hancock – Truth, Trust and Technology – How Digital World is Changing How We Lie To and Trust Each Other
  • Lance Peterman – Are We There Yet? – Merck’s Digital Identity Journey
  • Homan Farahmand, A Systematic and Practical Approach to Optimizing Authorization

Meet Us There: Axiomatics will be at Booth 702

If you’d like to chat more about how ABAC can help you get more from your company’s data while improving the security of it, come over and introduce yourself to us – we’ll be at booth 702

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