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Axiomatics Blog : XACML

Stay in the know on the latest in authorization, attribute-based access control (ABAC), and modernizing your access control strategy.

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Does the JSON profile for XACML support MDP?

Axiomatics also supports the JSON over REST authorization interface on its PDPs, providing XACML support for MDP. Learn how.

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Ten years of ALFA. Wait…what?

The evolution of access control has significantly changed. With more than a decade of ALFA, let’s take a look back at its history.

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Should the policy enforcement point send all attributes needed to evaluate a request?

Learn how key attributes work within policy information and enforcement points, enabling you to find the right balance in your deployment.

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How can I use policy references in ALFA?

Learn how you can define and use Policy and PolicySet references in ALFA (abbreviated language for authorization).

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Is ALFA a part of the OASIS XACML Technical Committee series of standards?

Let's explore the origins and current state of ALFA, and it's evolution towards future OASIS standardization.

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