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Axiomatics Review Manager: Advanced access audit reporting of sensitive data

From its foundation, Axiomatics has been at the forefront of the authorization and access management technology movement. We have brought to to market solutions that are not only cutting edge, but also solve major issues faced by many large organizations that house and share sensitive information. We continue this drive forward with the launch of Axiomatics Review Manager, a one-of-a-kind access review and reporting tool, that can confirm polices are enforced and compliance is met within the Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) authorization model.

With this launch we hope to make the road to ABAC and policy-based access control a smoother journey.

The ABAC model is powerful in that it provides solutions to create and enforce fine-grained access control policies that are necessary to express the increasingly complex and constantly evolving legal and business requirements operations at large enterprises and government agencies. However, this also comes with the responsibility of managing the lifecycle for access control policies.

For some time now we have provided a tool for policy writers to check that a policy will be enforced as expected when the system goes live. The Axiomatics Policy Auditor informs users of any potential “gaps” in the system, which can then be addressed before deployment. However, based on our discussions with customers and leading IAM analysts, we discovered there was a need to take this one step further and provide reporting functionality which proves that, once live, policies are being enforced and regulatory compliance is being met.

Our latest innovation, the newly launched Axiomatics Review Manager, does just that. It enables users to create access review reports against ABAC policies, based on template-driven customizable questions that are of interest to the organization. The generated reports can be used by various audience – for example, managers signing off on access review reports of subordinates as well as audit/compliance personnel who need to check the current state of access control within the deployed system.

Read more about this new launch here https://axiomatics.com/news/466-axiomatics-announces-compliance-and-reporting-functionality.html.

With this launch we hope to make the road to ABAC and policy-based access control a smoother journey. Contact us here to find out more about the Axiomatics Review Manager  and how it can help your organization safeguard sensitive information.

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