Axiomatics Policy Server Evolves with the Cloud

Axiomatics Policy Server keeps evolving to meet the needs of our customers as they migrate resources to the cloud.

Our latest update to the cloud-native Policy Decision Point (PDP) makes it compliant with the REST and JSON profiles version 1.1 of the XACML 3.0 standard (version 1.1 was published just over a month ago).

Standards are core to the way the enterprises we serve operate, grow and scale.

Standards, innovation, and evolution, hand-in-hand. We are building the Axiomatics Policy Server to make it fit even better in a world of diverse software architectures. We are committed to opening and simplifying our APIs to provide a flexible foundation to bring best-of-breed externalized dynamic authorization to the applications you develop and deploy in the cloud.

The cloud-native authorization PDP is a new form factor for our authorization engine that is designed to suit modern deployment workflows and architectures, in particular cloud and microservices oriented ones. It’s easy to use for deploying dynamic authorization at scale. It adheres to configuration-as-code principles that equate to easily repeatable deployments and straightforward configuration roll-back and disaster recovery.

You can use it at scale; you can deploy it as a side-car, close to the application that needs extra performance; you can use it on-premises, in the public cloud, or in hybrid clouds. It is cloud and container agnostic, so it does not matter if all your services run on your favorite vendor’s cloud, or you are embracing a poly-cloud approach; whether you are keeping a high degree of control of your infrastructure or you deploy a serverless architecture over a shared service mesh. Our authorization engine will bring you all the benefits of leveraging externalized dynamic authorization while not standing in your way; it’s the right tool for the right job.

Here’s an example of how our customers use the cloud native authorization engine. The dynamic authorization engine provides an independently deployable service that offers the flexibility, deployment and automation characteristics required by microservices architectures. In addition, the engine is configurable using plain text files, allowing for a policy-as-code approach to the storage and management of authorization assets.

Standards, innovation, evolution. The evolution of Axiomatics software helps you bring together all the bursting innovation from the four corners of today’s software engineering landscape to ultimately achieve the most important of innovations: the one your next product or service will bring to your own customers.

Andres Martinelli is a Product Manager at Axiomatics, he has primarily worked on the Axiomatics Policy Server (APS) as a developer, architect and product owner. He holds a PhD in Computer Science, KTH Royal Institute of Technology; with previous work experience at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science and Prover Technology.

We’d love to show you a demo. Or, if you’d like more information on our dynamic authorization suite, visit our products section.

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