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Scale the heights of enterprise access control:

IT and security leaders in large organizations often find themselves standing at the foot of a daunting mountain. That mountain is a mandate from their leadership to “improve security,” “do a better job in protecting data,” and “improve visibility on who can see what data and when it is accessed.”  And,do this for the entire enterprise.

Where to begin? Every great journey begins with that first step, and the first step in deploying enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) services is taking stock of your current IT environment and determining what is needed and in what order. This review includes questions such as:

  • Do you have hundreds of homegrown applications with their own authentication and access control built in?  
  • Are you running legacy software that’s been around for so long that all of the original implementers are now long gone?  
  • Looking ahead, do you forecast an explosion of many more applications coming on-line on the near horizon?

These are common stories that we hear from our clients who were similarly tasked with scaling this mountain and deploying enterprise IAM solutions. Fortunately, IAM services, their respective swim lanes, and how they communicate with each other, have matured in pace with the security requirements of Industry and the Federal government. Understanding these services and how they fit into your enterprise IAM solution is the next step in your journey.

Now that we’ve ‘peaked’ your interest, get the full story in our white paper.
If you’re in the Federal Government, you may also want to read the federal version of the paper.

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